Christmas Apps For the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Looking for a pre-holiday treat that doesn’t have to be hung on the tree, stuffed in a stocking, or wrapped in some paper?  Give this no mess, no fuss mini gift idea a try–  In the spirit of giving, download one (or more!) of these Christmas themed apps and you’ll all be jolly!

Elf Yourself

Looking for some pint-sized photo fun that’s big on laughs? Download Elf Yourself. Add your friends’ and families’ faces to goofy dancing elves’ bodies and create your own holiday-themed music video! Upload up to five photos from your camera roll or Facebook, select a dance theme, and watch the app as it generates a custom video.

Who will look the goofiest in the video? The app is a holiday staple and perfect for family Christmas parties. The dances only last a short time, but you will be laughing for far longer. Download the app and elf yourself, your friends, your family, and even your pets, and watch the hilarious music videos with moves you never knew you could do!

Santa’s Little Helper - Help Santa Claus Deliver Gifts

You’re a Christmas elf and you have a mission. Deliver all of the gifts to the kiddos around the world before sunrise! Sounds easy, right!? Wrong. Besides the obvious – climbing down chimneys, leaping, crawling, and sneaking around as nimbly as possible – if you wake the children, you lose! Careful not to crash into anything and cause a disturbance! Pesky pets in the house? Don’t forget to feed them to keep them quiet.

Throughout the mission, collect treats that you can spend on your crew to upgrade their abilities. Complete your mission before sunrise, but don’t forget about any of the kids. No one wants to wake up to no presents. It’s a tough job . . . But someone’s gotta do it!

Norad Santa Tracker

What’s the question on everyone’s mind? “Where’s Santa?!” Find out where the big, jolly guy is anywhere in the world and what he’s doing. Aren’t all kids curious as to what he does in the off-season? A marker will pinpoint his exact location and Santa drops an anagram at each spot. See if you can solve them!

With fun characters and bright, vivid colors, follow Mr. Claus as he travels around the world, spreading messages to let you know exactly what he’s up to. With fun puzzles, matching games, and a “continents and oceans” feature, the game is both entertaining and educational. Download this app and find out exactly where Santa is right now!

3D Gingerbread Christmas Running Game

The 3D Gingerbread Christmas running app offers endless fun . . . because it’s an endless running game! Enjoy the game for hours as you help the sweet and yummy Gingerbread Man save the day! He jumps, flips, runs, (and unfortunately, crumbles), and will even dance if you’re lucky. Collect as many points as you can while running along the path surrounded by a bright and colorful Christmas decorated ambiance. Compete against your friends and unlock fun characters (four in total). You’ll really get in the Christmas spirit with this holiday-themed running game complete with Santa, snow, and reindeers.

What are some of your favorite Christmas-themed mobile apps?

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