DIY Christmas Tree Alternatives for Small Spaces

One of the first things many people do to prepare for the holiday season is put up and decorate the biggest, fullest Christmas trees that will fit in their homes. If the available space is less than suitable for a massive Douglas fir or a robust Scotch pine, you do not have to settle for a puny, underwhelming cluster of twigs.

Instead of looking for a Christmas tree you can cram into a small space, consider an alternative. Options range from tree-shaped wall embellishments to using traditional decorations in a unique way. We have scoured Pinterest for some of the most distinctive, creative, and attractive options to give you some holiday inspiration:

IKEA Hack Tree Alternative

Who doesn’t love IKEA? Their products are affordable, modern, and totally hackable. Merrilee at Mer Mag even devised a way to transform the brand’s popular picture ledges into a space-saving Christmas tree substitute.

Cutting shelving into graduated lengths and then hanging them on the wall creates an artistic, understated tree form. Once the ledges are in place, you can decorate and personalize them to your heart’s content. Use anything from wooden letters spelling out a holiday message to favorite Christmas storybooks to family photos wrapped to look like gifts.

Check out Merrilee's tips on the best ways to cut and hang the ledges.

Vintage Ornament Window Screen

Pull out your collection of antique Christmas tree ornaments (or simply decorations that have sentimental value to your family) and hang them on a screen in the shape of a pine tree.

Amy at Into Vintage repurposed an old window screen into an eye-catching tree alternative by hooking ornaments right onto the screen. To simplify the process, she used tape to create a Christmas tree shape outline on the screen before hanging the decorations.

If you do not have an old screen handy, you could find a large picture frame at a thrift store and stretch a piece of window screen from your local hardware store inside of it. In addition, you could customize the appearance of this look by selecting ornaments in only one or two colors. Pick decorations in a variety of shapes, lengths and sizes for added interest and follow her instructions on her site.

Reclaimed Wood Tree

For a home decorated in a rustic, shabby chic or farmhouse style, only a charming, upcycled Christmas tree alternative will do. Sarah at Affirmaison turned a dumpster find into a darling pine tree stand-in.

All she did to fashion this delightful design was stain an old, wooden pallet, paint on a basic tree design and add nails on which to hang some favorite ornaments. Hang the pallet or simply lean it against a wall. If you cannot find a pallet, consider other similar items you might repurpose into a tree decoration, such as an old wooden sled, a section of a wooden fence or a cabinet door with the hardware removed. Check out more tips from Sarah before tackling this simple yet appealing project.

Paper Fringe Tree

Decorating for the holidays is the most fun when the entire family can be involved. With this small space alternative, even the littles can help, especially if they have good scissor skills. To craft this pretty, textured tree Brittni Mehlhoff from Curbly got busy snipping and taping.

You can duplicate this look in your home with the following items:

  • Foam board or mat board
  • Standard and fringe scissors
  • Green and brown tissue paper
  • Painter's or masking tape
  • White duct tape
  • Craft glue
  • Utility knife
  • Picture frame hook
  • Black marker

You will need to follow her tutorial to make this stunning wall adornment, but once you have done the initial measuring, taping, and cutting, everyone can join in on the fringe-making and tree-taping festivities.

Fabric Calendar Tree

Advent calendars help kids (and their parents) cope with the excitement and anticipation they feel leading up to Christmas day. Save even more space by combining a tree alternative with an advent calendar.

Chiara Alberetti Milott, who writes for Oh Happy Day, found fabric printed with a large tree image and turned it into a wall-hung advent calendar that doubled as a Christmas tree. Along with the fabric, she used:

  • Felt numbers
  • Felt circles in several colors
  • Two wooden dowels
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread

If sewing is not your forte, you could do wonders with glue, as well. Follow this tutorial to create your own.

Washi Tape and Christmas Cards

The holidays are one time of the year that people still send actual, physical mail in the form of Christmas cards. Since you are going to receive them anyway, why not upcycle them into the primary decoration in the heart of your home?

Dani at Thyme Is Honey created an unassuming yet attention-grabbing wall embellishment using washi tape, string, garland, tacks, some clips, and a red glitter star for the top. Follow her straightforward instructions to design a tree alternative that will show off every holiday card you receive.

There is no single right or wrong way to craft an attractive substitute for a great big tree. Consider what you love to look at and what you have readily available. Use your imagination and design a truly one-of-a-kind decoration.

Got any ideas for Christmas tree alternatives? Share your DIYs with us!

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