A Boho Chic Baby Shower for Your Little Dreamer

If you’re a bonafide flower child (but not of the dirty hippie variety... more like a Kinfolk Earth Goddess), then the only way to welcome your baby into this world is with a Bohemian Chic Baby Shower.

We scoured Pinterest for parties that look like they’ve been ripped out of an Urban Outfitters catalog. Here are some of our faves:

Topping our list is this Dreamy Bohemian Baby Shower, which was put together in part by Operation Shower, an organization that throws baby showers for military families. 

Dreamy pastels, yarn accents, and tons of greenery set the stage for table decor at this event. The attention to detail is incredible!

So elegant! Loving the gorgeous blooms and succulents (the place cards are faux, but the rest are the real deal!)

The color palette even carried on to the dessert table – those gold-painted macarons are INSANE! Rice Krispies Treats with mini gold leaf toppers, dream catcher cookies, golden chocolate hearts, and strawberries and cream scones… 

We were really drawn to this Boho Chic Baby Shower because of the rustic elements and tribal accents that gave it a unique look. Loving the neutral color palette – shoutout to that opeeqo yellow – that’s perfect for celebrating either a boy or a girl. 

Here’s a cute teepee and a pretty dream catcher, just because.

Just when I thought nothing could ever top that cake… They bring out some sugar cookies. One frosted to look like an actual baby.

Also, why not slap a feather on your straw?

Putting a masculine twist on the boho theme, Shawna Collins planned a "Be Brave" Baby Shower for her little man Colton.

Here’s a lovely wooden backdrop decorated with dreamcatchers and golden accents.

Baby shower dessert table or a shrine in honor of Anthropologie? … I’m guessing both.

Here’s a closeup look of the beautiful cake, which Colton will consume via amniotic fluid.

Take a selfie and leave a note for the baby – genius! We're totally on board.

Sage advice: Give out cupcakes-to-go as party favors, and you’ll have a lifetime of friends that will never miss a single one of your kiddo’s future birthday parties.

Here’s Amare's Boho Baby Shower. Look at this lace tent – all it’s missing are some ladies fanning you with palm fronds, and a tiger purring by your side.

That pyramid serves absolutely no purpose other than to look beautiful #lifegoals.  And damn, what a stunning floral arrangement.

This is now my desktop background.

Here’s a miniature teepee that could have easily gotten overlooked at the party, but was fortunately photographed with a really nice DSLR so it can be shared on Pinterest.

I’m in awe. That cake stump is everything.

The highlight of the party had to be this stunning display of the baby's name sitting in a kayak in the pool. BRB, filling my 10 ft. wide inflatable.

What do you think of a luxe, Bohemian Chic Baby Shower? Share your theme ideas with us!

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