Burnished Brown: Earthy Shades in Your Kid’s Bedroom

Brown is often considered drab or dull, but it’s also the color of earth, tree trunks, and… chocolate! There’s nothing boring about chocolate, amiright? It’s also the traditional color of teddy bears and crisp, crunchy fall leaves.

Brown is a mix of deep red and yellow with a bit of blue, making it serious like black, but in a softer way. It adds a psychological layer of warmth and coziness, which means hardwood floors or oak headboards are great ways incorporate the color without getting too heavy.

There are a several shades of brown you can use to enhance your child’s bedroom. From light tan to burnt umber, here are few fun ideas.

Classic Crayon Brown

This room has a whole lotta dark brown going on. But contrasted with white, the room has a clean, warm cachet that’s further accented by the use of fire engine red – and somehow, it still has the youthful charm of classic kids’ digs. It’s definitely brown, but without being heavy.

Here’s a totally different approach to going all brown without letting it weigh down the room. The ultra modern, sleek styling coupled with bright pops of tangerine and lime really lift the room. Clean lines and a solid palette that forgoes texture keeps the hue light and fun.

Sandy Luxe

Another typical brown tone, but much, much lighter – this sandy shade keeps it neutral. The natural earthiness and warmth of the hue is in evidence as it contrasts with painted white furniture.

Brown in its truest forms can coat a bedroom nicely, but you should offset it with whites as well as bright pops of color to avoid it having the heavy, old-fashioned feel of wood-paneling. (Unless you like that sort of thing. And if you do, then by all means – scroll down.)

This seafaring hideaway keeps the colors on an even keel with splashes sand-dusted walls, bursts of blue and white, plus true brown in moderation.

Sandy shades are great, just don’t use in large areas otherwise the place will look washed out, unless you balance it with stronger, bolder colors. Sand, like its true counterpart in nature, can contain specks of glitter and seashell to add texture and tone.

Marvelous Mahogany

This bedroom is all rustic ranch, all the time. If you really want to round up the timber tint, then there’s no better way to do it than with a wild western theme. This kids’ room looks like an Old West bunkhouse or a log cabin, complete with super-sturdy all-wood bed frames with lone stars carved into the headboards. The Native American blankets are a nice touch.

A Little Bit of Everything

For an eclectic vibe that’s warm and cozy, consider layering various shades of brown. This room has a multitude of browns working together in a complete look that combines patterns, solids, and textures. Pops of both analogous colors (burnt orange) and complementary ones (cool blues) freshen up the look and add interest as well as a focal point in every angle.

Even if you can’t get down with brown when it comes to overall décor, you should at least consider some elements of natural wood – even if it’s just a few photo frames.

Will you decorate your kiddo’s room with rich brown hues? Share your ideas with us!

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