Camping at Home: Play Tents for Playrooms & Outdoors

Children love secrets... hidden treasures, private jokes, and secret hiding places. They also like flashlights. Who wouldn’t? And you know where the secret hiding place + flashlight naturally leads? To play tents, of course!

Play tents aren’t just some adorable home décor/plaything that catches everyone’s eye while it eats up your floors space. They’re an invitation to wonder. They’re a personal and private kid’s space – a kiddo clubhouse that’s so perfectly sized, it doesn’t have to say No Parents Allowed.

In a kid’s world where you’re constantly picked up, prodded, and told what to do... the one thing that’s near impossible to come by is personal space. So whether you’re looking to create a reading nook, have an outdoor sleepover, or just hangout, check out these tents and give your child their world.

Take These A-Frames Wherever You Go

Ferm Living’s Kids Tent is simple in design, light, and super sweet. It’s easy to take wherever you go. Perfect to shield your newborn from the hot summer sun while you’re picnicking at the park. It’s also great for indoor or outdoor play for the older set. Just imagine the possibilities!

The Sunshine Club’s A-Frame Tents boast a light, natural look. They come in either a canvas cover or one made with vintage materials – and both are oh so minimalistic and lovely. Keeping it simple and embellishment-free makes this tent perfect for all sort of imaginative play. So invite those pirates, princesses, mermaids, and monsters. And give the kids a nice hide away to swap secrets, munch cupcakes, campout, or dream.

Conquer a New Frontier, Teepee Style

Catching Stars makes children’s play teepees in bright colors and fun motifs. BE WARNED: It’s going to be tough choosing between the intricately patterned woodland creature and the whimsical red poppy meadow themes. Each tent comes with a matching padded floor mat and a soft pillow. Inside pockets will nicely store books and secret treasures. 

Land of Nod’s A Teepee to Call your Own (Multi-Dot) is adorable for any little trailblazer. The Multi-Dot version is our favorite with its modern geometric pattern, soothing shades, and paint-dipped pole tips. It’s both stylish and fun – something you’ll definitely want to keep around to pretty up the playroom even when it’s not busy hosting your kid’s Mongoose Alien Tea Party Buffet.

The Shire Wigwam Wooden Playhouse is perfect for outdoor play, a nice, roomy refuge in the garden. They’re entirely built of timber with a real door and two real windows. Plus, they’re easy to assemble. These playhouses come in unfinished pine – just ready for the motif of your choice. Check it out in bright, bold stripes, traditional, and Western themes.

Looking for something totally customized to your space and style preferences? Wigwam Sam can make it for you! Pick your size, motifs, and favorite colors for a scaled-down Sioux design that’s totally you. His work is really top-notch, using high-quality cotton duck canvas that’s creatively sewn with a great attention to detail.

If you have a cowboy or cowgirl in the house, Win Green’s Cowboy Wigwam is worth a look. All set for a Western adventure, it’s embroidered with mountains, cacti, and a horse-drawn carriage.

Keeping It Natural with Wigwams & Willow Dens

Cox & Cox carries a variety of wigwams, tents, and playhouses entirely hand-woven from young hazel branches. Rustic and eco-friendly, their kid-friendly dwellings blend naturally within a garden setting. And they’ll provide hours of great fun, for sure.

Wildworks sells willow kits for you and your kids to build your very own woodland retreat. From domes to tunnels, igloos, and dens, there are plenty of modules available for you to create your own masterpieces.

Judith Needham’s wonderful willow designs are also for sale online. Her Dreaming Spires Playhouse is so enchanting, your kids will quickly make it their own. And you’ll love seeing it in the garden. Proof positive a cool playhouse doesn’t have to be a plastic behemoth from a Big Box store.

Are you planning to give your kids their own private refuge? Share your design ideas with us!

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Hi From Opeeqo
Hi Afshin, Unfortunately, the igloo tent on the cover by Land of Nod is now discontinued, but their new Geodome is similar (maybe even a bit cuter): You can find their floor cushions over here: Let me know if you have any more questions!
Elodie Nilsson
I love the teepee to call your own....does it come in other colors / patterns? Also, pricing for the Shire wooden playhouse?
Afshin Behnia
also, who makes the igloo in the lead image?
Afshin Behnia
Who makes the mattress in the Land of Nod's Teepee?