Cute (Not Scary!) Halloween Decorations for Little Ones

Spooky ghosts, creepy zombies, and frightening monsters are the best part of Halloween for some kids. For others – particularly the littles – scary decorations can be too much to handle. The good news is that plenty of suitable trimmings are cute, silly, and sweet, instead of chilling, menacing, and intimidating.

We’ve gone virtual trick-or-treating to discover some of the most adorable DIY decoration ideas for indoors and out. Pick a theme, choose one or two faves, or go all out and adorn your home and yard with charming embellishments everyone is sure to enjoy:

Sweet Candy Corn Wreath

You either can’t get enough of ‘em or can’t stand ‘em, but there is no denying that candy corn is an integral part of Halloween. Even if the tri-colored, triangular treats are not your favorite sweet, you can enjoy them by using a bunch to make a fall-colored door hanging.

Karly at Jellybean Junkyard came up with a sweet and sophisticated wreath, which entails gluing candy corn to a ribbon- or duct tape-wrapped Styrofoam wreath form, and hanging it with a bow. Check out the steps she used and some helpful tips here.

You can actually use candy corn for several cute DIY Halloween decorations. Hot glue some onto thin branches from your yard and place the “buds” into a vase. Attach them to Styrofoam balls and stack in a pot for a Halloween topiary. You can even thread them onto fishing line to create a colorful garland.

Cheerful Ghost Piñatas

A trio of gleefully smiling ghosts will delight even little ones, especially if the spooks are filled with candy and toys. Katie Shelton of A Beautiful Mess created a threesome of funny phantoms that would be perfect for a party or simply look sweet hanging near the front door.

For each piñata ghost, all you need is:

  • A round balloon
  • Liquid corn starch
  • Strips of newspaper
  • White paint
  • Tissue paper
  • Black felt
  • White glue

You will find complete instructions here, but if you have ever made a paper mache project, this will be a breeze.

Pom Pom Pumpkins

Chubby pumpkins can be especially attractive to young children, especially when they don’t have frightening faces carved into them. With some bright orange yarn, fuzzy green pipe cleaners, a roll of twine, and some scissors, Haley of Design Improvised says you can whip up an adorable garland in just minutes.

What started as a fluke – she was making yarn pompoms and noticed that the unsnipped balls resembled plump, squat pumpkins – became a delightful decoration that will look as though you spent hours creating it. Follow her simple instructions here.

Spider Cuties

Nobody can blame a child for finding spiders scary. Many a mom and dad are equally alarmed by the eight-legged creatures! However, when the spider has great big eyes and will never move an inch, it can become a lovable part of your Halloween décor.

Heather at Whipper Berry thought up this appealing arachnid, which she made using a special cupcake holder, a black glitter Christmas ornament and a pair of googly eyes. You could spray paint and glitter any ornament or even craft legs from pipe cleaners if you can’t find the same materials.

Learn how Heather made the pleasant little fellow here.

Happy Door Mummy

What parent doesn’t love a good last-minute project? In a Halloween-themed post on Love of Family and Home, Tonya shares a handful of helpful eleventh-hour ideas, including a smiling mummy front door decoration.

All she did was wind white crepe paper streamers around and around the door. She topped it off with wide eyes and a silly green cut out of black and white sheets of poster board. A little tape and it was good to go. Check out this and other cute Halloween porch ideas on her blog.

Goofy Ghost Balloons

Love cute and easy? Who doesn’t? Make some wacky balloon ghosts to tie on the front porch, float in an entryway, or decorate essentially any Halloween celebration space.

Kelly at Studio DIY came up with these super simple yet perfectly pleasing apparitions that you can pull off in no time. Seriously: the most difficult part of this project will be running to the dollar store for a few balloons.

To make the ghosts, you’ll need:

  • Several round, white helium balloons
  • White ribbon
  • White tissue paper (use large sheets)
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape
  • Black marker
  • Pink or red vinyl (optional)

Once you have taped the tissue paper onto the balloons, you and your kids can draw on the silliest faces you can imagine. Find the precise steps here.

When coming up with ideas for non-scary Halloween decorations, think about things that make your child smile. Then, look for ways to transform frightening objects into fun ones!

What cute Halloween crafts will you be making with the kids this year? Share your DIYs with us!

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