Do We Party? Yeah, Wii Party

Released for Nintendo Wii, Wii Party is an endless party for families, friends, and kids of all ages. The game requires players to focus, work as a team, and strategize! With 80+ mini-games, the laughter never ends.

Wii Party is very similar to the Mario Party installments. If you’re familiar with these types of games, you probably get the gist. It’s essentially a ton of mini-games that can be played in various and unique ways. There are board games to be play with up to four players, with mini-games dispersed throughout. Some games are more difficult than others and require different skill sets – thereby, teaching a variety of strategizing techniques.

The more the merrier!

Wii Party is intended for multi-player fun and simply isn’t nearly as exciting when played solo. That is, unless, you are simply trying to master a specific mini-game or achieve a record.

Some of the games are luck-based, some are duds, and others are way too similar except for a change in the background or atmosphere. One unique game is “Pass the Bomb” which is essentially “Hot Potato” where the motion sensitivity feature recognizes shaky hands.

Another clever game has a player hide the Wii-motes and asks a “finder” to seek them out. The motes emit a sound every ten seconds to help the finder out! I find this one to be most fun for kids under twelve years old . . . but hey, hike and seek is fun every now and then – even for adults, right?

There are also a few games that use sound and touch in a clever way, unlike any other mini-game. One example is a game featuring Wii-motes all lined up, side by side. One of them will emit an animal noise and you have to guess the right one.  Silly . . . but fun!

Who doesn’t love a mini-game?

The games feature instant accessibility. There’s no waiting to watch a long story or long setup/loading times . . . you simply pick up the Wii-mote and start playing! While the gameplay is very simple, it’s still fun and exciting – and will have you on your feet!

Great to have at a get-together, slumber party, or other type of gathering, there is endless fun to be had with Wii Party. With a variety of mini-games, players can be entertained for hours.

While the market for mini-games does seem to be saturated, this is a game you don’t want to pass up. It’s fun with a group and definitely gets competitive! So grab your friends and your Wii and get the party started. Who will you invite?

What’s your stance on mini-games . . . been there, done that or there’s still more fun to be had?

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