Fall-Themed Baby Shower Ideas for Autumn Babies

Autumn is just magical. You love it when the leaves change from green to yellow, yellow to red. You love the perfect crisp air during these months, when the weather’s not too hot, not too cold. And the food – anything infused with pumpkin is your jam.

What makes the season best of all though is your baby's due date. We’ve scoured Pinterest for some drool-worthy fall-themed baby shower ideas, so you don’t have to. Grab a latte (pumpkin spice, obvi) and enjoy:

The great part about a  fall themed baby shower is that it’s genderless. Does this scream “I’M HAVING A BOY/GIRL” to you? Perfect for parents who want the sex of their baby to be a surprise, or if you want to throw a co-ed bash without all the men trembling in a corner from all the pink and cutesy decor.

An autumn-themed party is all about the foliage.

Look at this simple DIY over the fireplace: Simply hang some onesies on a vine, real or not, and voila! A visually stunning, yet easy-to-make centerpiece.

It’s all about the little details.

The autumn leaves hanging from the ceiling lamp are simply lovely, and if you pay close attention, the same leaves are used in the handwritten place cards.

See that adorable little pumpkin? I’ve spotted those at my local Trader Joe’s for less than a buck!

Now let’s have a closer look at the menu. First up: Pumpkin Spice French Macarons. Fall and French-inspired– talk about fancy! 

Here’s a full sized pumpkin housing some creamy ranch dip, in case anyone forgot the theme of the party while checking out the hors d’oeuvres.

*Also, I think now’s a great time to start a drinking game. For every pumpkin you see in these photos, please take a shot of water. You will meet your recommended daily glasses in no time.

Kelly, photographer and blogger of Eclectic Momsense, captured the details of a friend’s  Fall in Love-themed baby shower.

Before you even reach the door, you’re greeted by this lovely sign and pumpkin. It says: “Falling in Love with Baby H”, but what it’s really saying is: “This is a themed baby shower, so please turn around if you’re sporting Bermuda shorts.”

Pro tip: Do not follow the actual arrows on the signs, you will get lost!

The mama-to-be was an elementary school teacher, so the use of chalkboards with cute messages throughout was really clever!

Katie Farmer, owner of the online party shop Celebration Lane, created a Rustic Little Pumpkin” baby shower and styled it for Twinkle Twinkle Little Party magazine.

The theme is Pumpkin Patch. Think hoedowns, haystacks, and gourds galore, only instead of everything being sprawled out on a large farm, they’re all compacted into a pretty little dessert table.

Who said cake stands need to be delicate? Check out this 3-tier metal goodness, wooden handle and all.

A close up of the treats. If you’re not friends with a pro baker, I suggest you sort your life priorities right now.

Mason jars = old news. Spray painted mason jars = New. Fresh. On fleek.

At one point in your life, you were probably wondering “When is burlap ever appropriate?” The answer is now. Burlap goodie bags. Burlap banners to adorn your unborn baby’s cake. (Are you seeing this mini pumpkin? Take a shot!)

How do you take a fall-themed shower to the next level? With a forest critter. This fox themed baby shower is super sweet. Not all autumn lovers are pumpkin aficionados... 

The piece de resistance is this gorgeous cake. That fox cake topper is everything.

And that metal and glass tray is what midcentury dreams are made of. (Can someone ID it for me? Thanks.) 

In addition to the must-have pumpkins, check out other fall elements, such as leaves and acorns.

No, you’re not in a “Ready to Pop” party. This is still a fall-themed bash, with a genius popcorn bar.

Each jar is filled with popcorn (only sweet popcorn here, none of that icky cheddar), labeled with a handmade acorn sign, sitting atop a mini tree stump. Notice those adorable paper bags? They’re for popcorn-to-go!

So, what do you think? Will you throw a fall-inspired baby shower? Share your ideas with us!

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