#FollowFriday: Instagram Moms who Master Nordic Interiors

A quiet home full of kids? Seems like an oxymoron, but these moms prove it’s possible. The Quiet Revolution is upon us, and our friends in Europe are leading the charge. Creating areas like these within the home requires designing and living with intention. With just a few simple adjustments (like muting your microwave beep, and putting fresh fragrant flowers on the kitchen table) you too can begin feeling more tranquil in your day-to-day. See how these ladies hush their homes while raising happy, healthy kiddos:


Franziska |If you hate INTERIOR, FLOWERS, CAKES, COFFEE and...sorry you are in the wrong corner

Franziska is a mom with a new baby on the way. She has a cozy yet ordered and tidy Instagram, full of nicely arranged flowers, interior design, and yes: cakes and coffee. What’s not to love? Her pics are very Scandinavian artist-style, with lots of negative space and cool pastels.


Ida Lauga | Interiors and Ava

Ida, a lover of interior design and mom to adorable Ava, shows off both on her Instagram. Cool colors, pastel shades, and negative space – hallmarks of the Scandinavian sensibility – can be seen in pics ranging from the baby resting on the sofa to a simple snack of cheese and fruit on the kitchen table.


Kat | Kat´s Artisan, styliste d'intérieur. Céramiques. LiVe in pAriS-Enjoy simples things. I'm a dreamer, but i'm not the only one*)

Kat makes everything from ceramics to paper mobiles – each imbued with her own style (and sometimes in the shape of a cat!). Helping to show off her mommy’s sweet and elegant wares is toddler Albertine.


Ulrika Nihlen | Photographer Stockholm | the home and the Billie |

Ulrika is a Swedish mom raising two adorable children – a toddler and an infant. She specializes in photographing interiors and still life as well as people and lifestyle images, and we get glimpses into some of the work she does, often sourcing her kids as models.

Who are some of your favorite Scandi-style moms on Instagram? Share your #followfriday list with us!

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