Homework Nooks for Small Spaces

All parents know that keeping kids organized can be about as easy as herding cats – if you’re lucky. But little ones are never too young to start learning good habits. Since being neat, tidy, and organized is something that’s not too complicated, they will feel a sense of accomplishment when you help make it easy for them by laying the groundwork for easy-breezy homework nooks and give them the tools they need to keep everything in its place.

Where’s Waldo’s Workspace? 

Studies show that elementary school children are the most productive in completing their homework when they have a quiet space in common rooms.

Check out this great dual purpose nook in the kitchen. By morning, it’s for cereal; by evening, it’s for schooling.

Here’s a great idea – using the backside of a room divider as a mini-office and homework nook. Printers and office supplies are hidden in the closet.

If your child has an attic bedroom, you might find that some of those steep, narrow corners will actually fit a concerted desk inside quite nicely. 

Don’t have any room next to your hall closet? How about using an actual closet?

If you have a large staircase landing, it can convert nicely into a place to play and do homework. 

A pull out ledge in the bedroom can be utilized for homework time, then stashed out of sight when not in use.

For the ultimate space-saving solution, nothing beats a loft bed + desk combo.

Or... What about no nook? That’s OK, too. Some youngsters might prefer a beanbag on the floor, or a leafy lawn.

Now that your kids have a place to do their homework, it’s time to make sure everything stays tidy:

Oodles of Outlets

How many office outlets do we need these days? Answer: A lot! And remember, our kids are just as plugged in as we are, if not more! There are typically four USB ports on a computer, and that’s barely adequate. Most wall outlets only give you two places to plug in, leading to a proliferation of power-strips.

My number one tip for you in organizing your homework nook is to make sure there are oodles of outlets! Here’s one more: put a small hanging basket underneath a wall outlet for your kid’s phone, so it doesn’t get stepped on.

Cord Conundrum

Sounds simple, but remember to label all the cords your kids use. There may not be many to begin with, but as things are added – a printer, laptops, a radio, bells, whistles, and what-have-you’s, before long, you’ll be faced with jungle vines of cords having no idea where they begin or what they belong to (and you do know it’s your job to keep everything connected, right?).

Keep cords off the dusty floor by placing them in a coated wire basket suspended under the desk with wire hooks (for easy removal and switch-outs, should your kids need to reorganize).

Systematized Supplies

Now, onto the brass tacks. Where will they be putting all those brass tacks? In addition to homework, your kids probably do crafts for extra credit. They will have reams of paper, pens and pencils, scissors, tape, and rulers… oh, my!

One of my favorite ways to organize scary snarls of supplies is to think like a mechanic: That’s right, pin them all to a peg board mounted on your wall, where everything is easily identifiable at a glance. This works great for younger kids, who can fit the pieces together like a puzzle.

Sleek shelving or stacked hanging baskets (clear ones are the coolest) work nicely too. Bulletin boards and push pins, while less sturdy, are another option in a space-pinch.

Where does your child currently do their homework? Share your spaces with us!

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