If Rock N’ Roll-Themed Baby Showers Are Your Jam....

You live for music, and rock-n-roll is your favorite genre. From Elvis Presley to AC/DC, you love ‘em all – and since you found out you were pregnant, you’ve been streaming some serious heavy metal for that baby belly via headphones.

We love the idea of a totally rockin’ baby shower, so we did some digging on Pinterest to find the best music-themed parties for mamas-to-be. Take a look at some of our faves: 

This shake, rattle & roll baby shower was all about vintage rock style. Vicki Lynn of Vicki Lynn Photography planned the shindig, and did an extraordinary job capturing the rock 'n roll vibe.

Check out the hanging records spelling out the family’s last name!

Is this a merch table or a dessert station? I really can’t tell with all those band onesies, guitar & record decor, and overall rockstar vibe.

Cookies shaped like electric guitars and nautical stars.


Cake pops and rock candies? I’ll take one of each, please!

When Jeannette of J at Your Service planned a baby shower for her best friend, she went with a rock-a-bye baby party theme for her edgy and not-so-traditional BFF.

I love how they used the onesie as a decorative element– from cupcake toppers to sugar cookies!

I don’t even remember the last time I had one of these rock candies.

Why can’t party decor be gorgeous and practical? This diaper cake wins points for being a stunning centerpiece… not to mention covering your little one’s bum in the future.

Also, dying over those Baby Vans. 

This handmade wreath makes for a wonderful keepsake that can hang in the nursery. With all the time and love put into making it, it sure beats any store bought decor! 

Rockstars love cotton candy– they always have ‘em in their tour buses. That’s all I can tell you because I’m a mother now. 

These star candy favors are fantastic! Each one has a tag with a little note saying, “You Rock, from Mateo.” No, Mateo. You rock.

I just adore this Rock-a-Bye-Baby-themed shower, hosted by Bridget of Bridgey Widgey. She threw the bash for her cousin, whose husband is in a rock band.

No, these are not potato chips, you simpleton. These are obviously edible guitar picks. I suggest you take a crash course in party planning.

Don’t have the budget for pricey serveware? Glue a vinyl record to a glass, and voila! You’ve got yourself one extraordinary cake stand! 

I know you’ve listened to music notes – but have you ever tasted them? That, my friend, is the secret for unlocking your true rockstar potential.

Deanna over at Honey & Lime shared this rock-a-bye baby shower that was thrown for one of her friends.

Upon their arrival, guests got a VIP backstage pass. This was also used instead of a clothespin for the traditional “don’t say ‘baby’” game. Genius!

Dear Lord, no – they did not hand out cheesy mix CDs. What they did do was stuff a bunch of CD sleeves with cookies, which is totally clever, and unlike mix CDs, are guaranteed to be a hit. 

Another rockin’ baby shower we found was shared by Molly of Still Being Molly. Here a few highlights from this “Born to Rock” baby shower.

In lieu of a guestbook, they used a guitar case full of sweet notes

This guitar-shaped cake is phenomenal. Dibs on the head stock.

Because there’s nothing rock ‘n’ roll about goodie bags, here are some $wag Bags.

Any guesses on what’s inside? ;)

 Like the idea of a Rock ‘n’ Roll-themed baby shower? Share your fun ideas with us!

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