Outer Space Birthday Inspiration That's Otherworldly

Outer space is truly fascinating. There’re just so many things to explore in the vast universe – planets, asteroids, stars, galaxies, nebulae, black holes, aliens…For many kids, space travel would be a dream come true. If you’ve got a budding astronaut on your hands, they’d absolutely love an Outer Space Birthday Party.

We’ve searched Pinterest for the most far out bashes to inspire you. Get ready to be wowed in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

First up: A super cute Space Cadet Party shared by Gayle Williams of I Will Invitations.

This bash was all about the rocket ships, from these adorable gumball rockets…

… to these rocket ship frosted cookies!

Say hello to the little astronaut floating by the candy station! 

Be one with the aliens by donning one of these cool glowing headbands.

Jasmine Clouser of The Couture Cakery planned an Outer Space Party for her son Blake, and it was chock full of colorful and boyish details!

Here’s the little astronaut’s cake. Pro tip: Use cookie cutters for the most precise fondant decorations.

Creative treats include planet cake pops, asteroid rock candies, and cookie moon rocks.

Here’s birthday gal Reese’s Retro Solar System Party planned by mom Gretchen of Three Little Monkeys Studio.

They kept the color palette quite muted, save for a few accents (like those bright paper lanterns – planets, obv.)

Would you look at the detail on these cookies?!! And I can’t even frost a Funfetti cake!

Loving the gold star accents.

Freeze dried ice cream sandwiches. BRB quitting my job and signing up for Astronomy 101.

Digging these planet plates. Might swipe a dozen from the party before heading home.

Guests left with rocket ships filled with Milky Way candy bars, bouncy planet balls, and space stickers. Note the cute little astronaut waving goodbye.

Here’s Asher’s Rocket Ship-Themed Bash planned by mom Stefanie of Orange Blossom Special Events.

That shiny backdrop is everything.

Loving the beautifully decorated cake and cake pops. Dibs on the astronaut that looks like it’s made out of fondant.

Other treats include Robo-Krispies… 

… and rocket & star crackers in baby food jars!

Each kid got their very own jet pack and a space shuttle sippy cup.

Think an outer space bash is only for boys? Here’s birthday gal Lauren’s perfectly girly Take Me to The Moon” Party planned by mom Felicity of Little Paper Plate Events

Color scheme is ON POINT! Everything looks so hip and dreamy.

Loving all the pretty silver accents – those cake toppers are just darling. 

Silver wands for the little ladies so they can wish for more advancements in space travel within the next few years.

Would you throw your kiddo an outer space-themed bash? Share your party ideas with us!

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