Over-the-Top Kids’ Bedrooms That Ooze with Wow Factor

Buzzworthy bedrooms are usually reserved for breadwinners, but why not let your kid’s room rock too? After all, it’ll only be a matter of years until they paint everything black, tape up death metal (or worse, boy band) posters and shut you out of their room forever. SO START DECORATING.

If you’re looking for ideas for unique, cool, distinctive digs for the kiddos, we’ve found some over-the-top ideas to spark the imagination:

NASA called: They want their bedroom back. This sci-fi sleep-space is sure to enchant any kid who loves astronomy, dreams of rocket-ships, and whose favorite flick just might be Star Trek.

What a bright idea! Check out this fun, festive play room that’s decorated like a French bistro, festooned with stick-on light bulbs, and stocked with colorful toys and art supplies.

This boys’ room has the right of way with its statement roadster bed and its decorative vintage gas pump that’s been cleverly converted into a chest-of-drawers. Even the ceiling lamp is unique – it’s an electric lantern.

This is what I’d imagine the Lost Boys’ treehouse would look like if they managed to find an adult in Neverland who was an interior designer rather than a good-for-nothing pirate.

I’m not hip enough to pinpoint the exact reference for this bedroom theme (Is it a movie? A video game? A Twilight-like novel set in the future with teen aliens, space bots, and lots of drama?), but I do know whoever owns this room is automatically the coolest kid in the block.

Does your kid wish they could swim with the dolphins all day but you live in the desert and have a stable, well-paying job and don’t imagine moving anytime soon? Turn your child’s bedroom into this underwater paradise before they run away and turn your life into a lame Lifetime movie.

I don’t get it when kids get in trouble and parents tell them to “Go to your room!”... Isn’t that where the toys, electronics, and all fun things are? Decorate your child’s room like this man cave and they’ll never want to come out.

Loving all the colors and bright prints in this room, but the true showstopper has to be that modern (black!) hammock hanging from the ceiling.

Tired of taking your kids to the park everyday so they could burn off all that energy? Turn their bedroom into a playtime wonderland. You’ll never have to set foot in a playground again – best investment ever!

So you have a little daredevil who wants to do wild things like climb mountains freehand, run across the world barefoot, or worst of all, postpone college to travel the world and “live life”. No? Make sure they don’t miss out on English 109 by drilling rocks for them to scale all over their room.

Buying your kids 53,289,472 toys isn’t the key to their happiness. Turn their bedroom into a minimalist sanctuary – leafless tree and all – and watch them entertain themselves for once.

Don’t think you should feel limited by a small space – in fact, a teeny bedroom will force you to get creative. Look at this setup – it’s a loft bed/library/lounge/camping tent, all within a few square feet. (How do you utilize the corner of a room, huh?)

This is probably an OMFG-factor room rather than a measly WOW factor one, but it’s good to know that if you can imagine something, you can make it come to life.

If you truly love your little princess, you’re not just going to decorate their room with princess pink and princess accents like every single girl in the world. No, you’re going to build them their very own horseless carriage that will probably have to be adjusted every year, plus commission a very detailed mural of their vast kingdom.

How do you plan on putting that wow factor in your kiddo’s room? Share your decorating ideas with us!

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Greg Szimonisz
Love the spaceship bedroom!