Pregnant Again? Filter-Free Sibling Reactions to New Baby

How do you react to surprising news? Chances are, you take a moment to think about what you’ve just heard, and then you respond accordingly and diplomatically. Well, the kids you’re about to watch don’t do that. These filter-free young ones just let it rip – good or bad, it’s all the same – with exactly what’s on their minds when they get the news about their new siblings! Check out the most share-worthy vids we could find, and prepare to laugh out loud:

Thumbs-up on the New Baby

This little man is just too adorable – when his mum shows him the sonogram images of the expected bundle of joy, he’s absolutely thrilled. “I’m gonna be a new big brother!” he crows. Then he pauses and says quietly, “I hope you’re not joking…” Aw! You really have to see this one: it’s way too sweet to pass up and it’s the best thing you’ll see all day. We promise: we’re not joking!

Jamie Wants a Baby Brother

Young Jamie is not at all pleased that she’s going to get a new baby sister. Her mother tries to convince her it’s a good thing – “Girls rule, you know: girl-power! – but the contrary toddler is not having it. She even gives her younger sister a swat, as if it’s her fault. Talk about the trickle-down effect!

Gender Reaction

Lucas, Titus, Jonah, and Abraham are about to find out whether they will have a new little baby sister or brother. Round-robin style, Dad and Mom quiz the kids to find out their preference. Two votes for sister, one vote for brother, and one holdout! Oh, the suspense…


Telling the kids there’s going be not one, but two more. One of the sons is NOT happy to hear about the extra diapers… He asks again and again, “Twins? Really…?” say it ain’t so! “How am I going to tell them apart?” he cries… oh, the torment.

Too Stunned to Speak

These kids, 11,13 and 15 got the shock of a lifetime when their parents surprised them with the news of a new baby brother or sister. Their joy at this unexpected (and unplanned) gift is so touching.

Piper Doesn’t Want to Meet her New Sister

Tantrum time! This little lady is so distressed over the birth of her sister, she throws a fit in the hospital. Dad is amused, taunting the tot a bit – but it’s all in fun – “Don’t you want to meet your new baby sister…?” he asks, as Piper reacts as though she about to come face-to-face with Chucky from Child’s Play.

Have you come across some awesome birth announcement (and reaction!) videos online? Share your favorites with us!

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