Think Pink: A Surprisingly Calm Color for a Kid's Room

Pink isn’t just for girls. Well, mostly it is. But soccer star David Beckham’s pink Adidas cleats may have convinced a few boys the shade can be converted to the manly side; not since the preppy days of the 1980’s have young males embraced the color as heartily. And in Japan, the color actually has a very masculine association; the springtime blooming of the cherry trees (sakura) is said to represent the legendarily brave Samurai warriors of yore.

When it comes to the subliminal meaning of colors, pink epitomizes primping, femininity, and hearts-and-flowers romance. But did you know it’s also clinically proven to calm erratic behavior? Tests done by psychologists in the late 1970’s showed it’s more mellow than yellow.

If you want to think pink when it comes to decorating your little one’s room, there are many incarnations to choose from (carnation being one). For lighter pinks, go with blush or salmon. Darker pinks often can be found labeled as bubblegum, or fuchsia.

A Tinge of Taffy

A little pink can go a long way. Curtains, throw rugs, or duvets in peony can add that calming aura without overwhelming the place. A little flash of flamingo used to accent bookcases, chairs, and toy trunks is a good idea.

Hot Pink in Da House

Since kid’s tastes change all the time, you’ll probably be redecorating in no time… so go for it! Especially for babies and toddlers, whose rooms should speak volumes of whimsy and fantasy.

Create a “Barbie’s Dream House” in one area by adding a pink treasure chest, neon bookcases, and a cerise chandelier to the watermelon walls, lemonade bed, and flamingo flooring. All are in style (for a while).

Pink may seem like a trivial, trendy tint but used in moderation and in the right combinations, it can add a kiss of color and style to any kid’s room.

Decorating your kiddo’s room? What color do they fancy, and why? Share with us!

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