Unicorn Birthday Ideas That Are Sure to Be Legendary

What is it about unicorns that sets girls’ hearts aflutter? As a kid, I couldn’t get enough of The Last Unicorn and had to have Lisa Frank everything. I came across the movie recently on Netflix and I couldn’t get past the 3-minute mark (although I was digging the soundtrack by America… ) I guess the magic inside me is dead and gone. These days, it’s my daughter who’s wild about Rarity and Princess Celestia from My Little Pony

Anyway, the moral of my story is that unicorns = little girls’ happiness, so you should consider throwing your little lady a Unicorn-Themed Party on her next birthday. We scoured Pinterest for the most gorgeous celebrations, and here are some of our favorites:

Here’s 5-year-old Madeline’s Magical Unicorn Party thrown by her mom Gretchen of Three Little Monkeys Studio. The bash was chock-full of rainbows and glitter – every girl’s dream come true. 

Lovely cupcakes with the most gorgeous cake toppers. Digging that unicorn just showing off in the middle.

Beautiful frosted cookies, stunning floral arrangements, and more showy unicorns.

Here are the charming goody bags stamped with golden unicorns.

I’m a firm supporter of the donut cake – easy to make, looks super cool, and no corner pieces to fight over. Win, win, win.

We love Ellia’s Whimsical Unicorn Birthday Party planned by mom Natalie of Natalie Spencer Photography. She drew inspiration from a paper mache unicorn that she had made before Ellia was born.

Speaking of the paper mache unicorn – here it is in all its glory, surrounded by an exquisite floral wreath.

Treats like donuts, chocolate chip cookies, and donut holes were all doused in (mostly) pink sprinkles.

… So was the incredible truffle cake!

Between the detailed planning of Mariah Rainier Style and the amazing photographs by Heather Lynn Photography, this pastel & gold-colored Unicorn Birthday Party was nothing short of magical. 

Loving the glitzy unicorn backdrop and all the adorable signage.

Here’s a DIY station so all the kids can rock out with their horns out.

Scrumptious treats include cake pops, cookies, and cupcakes in the party colors.

What a magnificent cake – and don’t get me started on that cake stand!

For party favors, they handed out tiny golden unicorns (in a bag full of miscellaneous shiny craft materials) and what looks like a vial of glitter – they seriously know their way to a girl’s heart.

UR Invited owner/mom Anne threw a Pretty Unicorn Party for her daughter, Lexi – there was no shortage of pink & gold in this bash.

I just want to grab that fondant unicorn topper and shove it in my mouth, head first.

Sweet treats included frosted cookies, chocolate-dipped Oreos, and delightful little cupcakes – everything pastel & gold, and with fancy signs to boot. 

They played Pin the Horn on the Unicorn, which is cute and clever but seems pretty morbid if you really think about it…

Here are the cute favor boxes – note how they’re all personalized with the recipients’ names.

Here’s Colette’s super girly “Sparkle Like a Unicorn” First Birthday Party thrown by mom Laurel of A Bubbly Life.

Would you look at that gorgeous set up? It’s like they planned the bash with Pinterest in mind… dot dot dot… 

Everyone got to write a sweet, heartfelt note to Colette. Colette responded by drooling on the guest book and flinging it across the room while chuckling madly. Then she took a nap and forgot everything. (Kidding!)

Party games include unicorn shoe toss and pin the horn (and Breakfast at Tiffany’s eye mask???) on the unicorn. 

At the end of the party, guests went home with glittery Play-Doh housed in jars topped with majestic white unicorns. I know it makes no sense – welcome to the world of unicorns.

Will you be throwing your kiddo a unicorn-themed birthday bash this year? Share your fun ideas with us!

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Anya Henners
Love these unicorn parties, especially the one by Natalie Spencer. That truffle cake looks so good